Games To Watch If You Want To Be Sad

I’ve been thinking about all the games that have caused me misery and heartbreak. So here’s my list of games to watch if you want to feel like death.

1. 2015 Men’s Basketball National Championship Game.

Duke won a fixed game. The devil is real and he is blue.

2. 2014 Final Four, Wisconsin vs Kentucky.

Aaron Harrison hit a 3-pointer with 5.7 seconds left to beat UW 64-63.

3. 2016 Wisconsin vs Notre Dame, Sweet 16.

Notre Dame finished on an 8-0 run to win.

4. 2017 Wisconsin vs Florida, Sweet 16.

Florida’s prayer answered in OT.

5. 2012 Wisconsin vs No. 1 in country Syracuse, Sweet 16.

Wisconsin was the better team that day despite losing by one.

6. 2015 Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks, NFC Championship Game.

Packers epic collapse in one of the biggest collapses maybe in sports history in the final five minutes.

7. 2020 Rose Bowl, Wisconsin vs Oregon.

Badgers absolutely dominated Oregon in the game, but 4 UW turnovers led to Oregon winning 28-27. A phantom offensive pass interference with 3 minutes remaining against the Badgers didn’t help either.

8. 2018 NLCS Game 7, Milwaukee Brewers vs LA Dodgers.

Brewers had the team to win the World Series for the first time in franchise history, but lost Game 7 at home to the Dodgers in a game that was much closer than the score.

9. 2019 Eastern Conference Finals, Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors.

Bucks held a 2-0 series lead before losing 4-straight to lose in 6 games.

10. 2011 Rose Bowl, Wisconsin vs TCU.

TCU won 21-19 in a game Bret Bielema mismanaged.

11. 2012 Rose Bowl, Wisconsin vs Oregon.

In a year Wisconsin had the team to play for the National Championship with Russell Wilson at the helm, Wisconsin’s 3 losses were all late in the game. First was on a Hail Mary to MSU, second was on a Hail Mary to Ohio State, and the last one was to Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

12. 2017 Big Ten Football Championship, Wisconsin vs Ohio State.

Wisconsin was playing for a spot in the playoffs with their 12-0 record, but fell 60 yards short in the attempt, losing 27-21.

13. 2019 Big Ten Football Championship, Wisconsin vs Ohio State.

Much like in 2017, a win would put the Badgers in the 4-team CFB Playoffs. The Badgers dominated OSU in the first half, leading 21-7, but OSU outscored the Badgers 27-0 in the second half to beat UW 34-21.

14. 2016 Big Ten Football Championship, Wisconsin vs Penn State.

With a trip to the Rose Bowl guaranteed with a win and an outside chance at the playoffs. Another game where the Badgers dominated the first half and led 28-14 at halftime. Only to have Penn State outscore UW 24-3 in the second half to give the Nittany Lions a 38-31 victory.

15. 2012 WCC Tournament Semi-Finals, San Francisco vs Saint Mary’s.

My best friend played at USF and the Dons hadn’t and still haven’t been to the big dance since 1998. USF had a 38-34 lead at halftime but ultimately fell short losing to SMC 83-78. The Dons went on to play one more game, losing to Washington State 89-75 in the first round of the CBI Tournament at War Memorial Gymnasium.

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