Linc Darner Fired At UWGB, Other College Hoops News

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay fired Men’s head basketball coach Linc Darner and staff. Absolute stunning news. Makes little sense on the surface of things.

In other college basketball news, there’s only 177 days until the season officially starts.

The NCAA extended its recruiting dead period through at least June 30th.

The Big Ten is expected to play its early conference games for the 2020-21 season between December 4th and December 15th.

The ACC will not begin next season with conference games like it did in 2019-20 season. League does plan though, to play conference games in December.

Michigan transfer Cole Bajema has committed to Washington.

Evansville transfer DeAndre Williams committed to Memphis.

Saint Mary’s will host UC Santa Barbara in the 2020-21 non-conference.

Kansas State transfer Levi Stockard committed to VCU.

Florida Atlantic and Florida Gulf Coast will begin a home-and-home series next season in Boca Raton. Return game at FGCU in 21-22.

Mississippi State will host North Texas in the 20-21 non-conference.

Georgia will host Bowling Green in the 2020-21 non-conference.

Purdue transfer Nojel Eastern committed to Michigan.

Nevada will host Pacific in the 2020-21 non-conference.

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