NFL Fans Thoughts

I came across this picture the other day the 15 NFL teams that have won 500+ games including the playoffs:

We all know who each NFL team will play this season, but the NFL will announce when each teams plays tonight.

As a NFL fan, what’s your most favorite start time on Sunday’s? 12:00 PM (CT)? 3:05/3:25 PM (CT)? Or the night games (7:20 PM CT)?

I personally don’t mind any of them really, the only thing that’s a little brutal for people that live where I do, we’re a 90 minute drive from Green Bay and a 90 minute drive from Chicago….with no traffic. So the night games that end at around 10:30, that means you’ll be getting home well after midnight since there will be traffic and also depending on the weather.

The Green Bay Packers were in six prime time/night games in 2019. They were scheduled for five when they released the schedule, but the Week 12 game against the Santa Clara 49ers was flexed into the Sunday Night game.

If I were to say the Packers over/under prime time games will be 4.5, what would you take, the over or under?

I’m going to go with the over. I think they’ll be in five total. One Thursday, Two Sunday’s, and Two Monday’s.

I think the “Battle of The Bay’s” when the Packers take on Tom Brady and Tampa Bay will be one. I also think the game against the 49ers will be one. And I’m sure two will be division games and then a “wild card” random game.

I’m hearing a lot of Packers fans want to open up the season against the 49ers. I don’t, I hope the Packers/49ers game will be in the middle or second half of the season.

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