Day Two of NFL Draft Packers Reactions

I have to be honest, Packers fans have been really really annoying the first two days of the draft. I’ve never seen more complaining about anything in my life. We have sports with the NFL Draft and WNBA Draft (last week) for the first time in six weeks and all you guys can do is bitch about everything.

Packers need a tight end. Packers draft a tight end. Everyone complains.

What I love about everyone’s reaction to the draft is that each pick is assumed to be an immediate high impact starter. Sometimes you aren’t picking for a guy to start day one! Roster holes exist EVERY year. Some guys have the talent but need development. Be patient!

Green Bay is changing their offense and they’re picking the personnel to do it. I think that’s what we’re seeing. Ball control, power run, big blocking tight ends. Less value to wide receivers winning one on one battles. Similar to the Santa Clara 49ers. Less of the McCarthy stuff they tried to mesh into the offense in 2019. And I’m fine with that.

Now we can all be pissed and mean to each other or we can just like … you know … see how it goes?

I do believe Josiah Deguara is going to help the Packers this year and beyond. He also has very good hands which Rodgers will like.

I do think AJ Dillion has the potential to be impactful immediately. A bruising powerful back that can keep Aaron Jones fresh and explosive.

Having said all this, I would have loved for the Green Bay Packers to draft Zack Baun.

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