Green Bay Packers select QB Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers traded the 30th pick and the 136th pick to the Dolphins to move up to the 26th pick. With that, they took Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

I have mixed feelings with the pick. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. However, I would have preferred the Packers to not trade up four spots for him.

Brian Gutekunst made a decision tonight that either set up the Packers for contention during life after Aaron Rodgers, or wasted a first round and fourth round draft pick in the remaining Rodgers window. So, yes, the stakes are pretty big. Smart choice? Only time will tell.

Fifteen years ago, I was upset that the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers with Hall of Famer Brett Favre still going strong. Tonight, I’m having mixed feelings with taking Jordan Love with future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers still going strong (despite a slight decline in recent seasons). No immediate help for Favre or Rodgers. Hopefully this pick turns out as well as the Rodgers pick!

One thing I did laugh at tonight, Mike Zimmer was asked about the Packers drafting Jordan Love, Zimmer told the Minnesota media: “I think Rodgers should retire!”

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