College Football Season

So this article is primarily about the College Football season, but I’m not sure if everyone saw that the XFL suspended operations on Friday morning and laid off nearly the entire XFL staff. The league also has no plans to return in 2021.

Another side note, I’m still frustrated with Barry Alvarez and the University of Wisconsin athletic department for not granting the waivers for the Spring Sport athletes. Granted, I know they’re not the only Power-5 school to make that decision, but I’m a Badger guy so I’m more emotionally involved with the decision making with UW. Schools can always tap into the NCAA’s Student Assistant Fund if money is the issue for the Sprint sport athletes.

Anyway, back to the main reason of this….college football!

Brian Kelly said the other day regarding the college football game starting in October:

“I think it’s conceivable to me, as long as we’re in that early July window, we can get ready for start the season for where it is right now. Anything that pushes later into July or August and we’re going to have some adjustments. I know Jack Swarbrick and I have talked about different models. You know there’s the potential that we can start as late as October and still get our 12 game schedule in without bye weeks and moving a little later into December because we don’t have a Conference Championship. Without altering the schedule too far, if we started with Wisconsin on October 3rd — and we went straight through the schedule and didn’t have the bye weeks, because there are two bye weeks — then two weeks later into December, we could get all our 12 games in.”

I know many people don’t think we’ll have sports for a very long time. I do think we’ll have sports when Football rolls around in August/September. Whether there’s fans in the stands or not for the games is a different story.

I do like Brian Kelly’s idea if the football season doesn’t start in September. Although, I’d be perfectly fine if schools only played 10 games this season (1 non-conference game for teams with 9 conference games, 2 non-conference games for teams with 8 conference games). There’s a lot of scenarios that could occur to have a football season this fall.

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