Best College Basketball teams to Not win the title

This was the weekend we should have been watching Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games as March Sadness continues.

Today I’ll be ranking my top 10 College Basketball teams in history to NOT win the championship.

1. Kentucky Wildcats (2014-15)

2. Wisconsin Badgers (2014-15)

3. UNLV Runnin Rebels (1990-91)

4. Gonzaga Bulldogs (2016-17)

5. Illinois Fighting Illini (2004-05)

6. Duke Blue Devils (2001-02)

7. Virginia Cavilers (2017-18)

8. Ohio State Buckeyes (2010-11)

9. North Carolina (1997-98)

10. Michigan Wolverines (1992-93)

Comment with your top 10 list.

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