Random Sports Thoughts

So me, just like I’m sure most of you, is bored out of my mind with no sports on. I’ve been playing a lot of sports video games and watching ESports on Twitch.tv. So I’m just writing some random thoughts after my Wisconsin Badgers were crowned National Champions on ESPN’s simulated bracket.

Name A Happy Football Story In 4 Words:

Wisconsin hires Paul Chryst.

I was ecstatic that Gary Andersen, who nearly destroyed the UW football program in his 2 years, bailed for a downgrade. What made it more enjoyable was his 7-23 record at Oregon State.

Video Games:

Anyone else been playing sports or any type of video games? If so, what system do you have?

Also, if PlayStation was truly for the people during this unprecedented time, they’d put NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball on the PlayStation store for download. Name the price, we’ll purchase it.

When Will Sports Get Bask In Action:

Obviously it’s a guessing game at this point. I don’t think there’s any chance we see sports prior to June 1. If I had to pick a date, I would guess middle of June would be the earliest we see sports again.

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