Wisconsin vs Minnesota game set BTN rating record

Sunday’s game between 24th ranked Wisconsin and Minnesota averaged 693,272 viewers on Big Ten Network, making it the most watched game in network history and cable tv’s highest-rated college basketball game of the day. BTN’s coverage of men’s conference games this season is now up 11%, averaging 273,985 viewers per telecast.

Big Ten Network’s top five games of the 2019-20 regular season:

1. March 1, 2020: Minnesota at Wisconsin (693,272)

2. March 1, 2020: Indiana at Illinois (545,263)

3. January 27, 2020: Wisconsin at Iowa (504,924)

4. January 3, 2020: Iowa at Maryland (455,490)

5. February 26, 2020: Maryland at Minnesota (454,395)

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