UW-Milwaukee leads Youngstown State at halftime

It’s the first round of the Horizon League Tournament. 8th-seeded UW-Milwaukee leads 5th-seeded Youngstown State 36-30 at halftime in Youngstown, Ohio.

UWM is shooting 12-of-28 (42.9%) from the field, 5-of-12 (41.7%) from 3-point range and 7-of-11 (63.6%) at the free throw line. UWM has four turnovers.

Youngstown State is shooting 10-of-24 (41.7%) from the field, 2-of-9 (22.2%) from 3-point range and 8-of-8 (100%) at the free thrown line. YSU has five turnovers.

Will Sessoms has 2 fouls for the Panthers. Michael Akuchie and Geoff Hamperian both have 2 fouls for the Penguins.

Game is being aired on ESPN+.

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