MLB Postseason Predictions

With the NL Wild Card game already in the books, here are my predictions for the remainder of the postseason.

I’m going to start with the American League.

AL Wild Card:

Oakland A’s over New York Yankees


Houston Astros or Cleveland Indians (3-1)

Boston Red Sox over Oakland A’s (3-1)


Boston Red Sox over Houston Astros (4-2)

Now moving on to the National League.


Los Angeles Dodgers over Atlanta Braves (3-2)

Milwaukee Brewers over Colorado Rockies (3-1)


Milwaukee Brewers over Los Angeles Dodgers (4-3)

With that, I have the Milwaukee Brewers playing in their first World Series since 1982 going up against MLB’s best in 2018, the Boston Red Sox, who most recently won the Fall Classic in 2013.

World Series Prediction:

Boston Red Sox over Milwaukee Brewers (4-2)

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